More vacation. With KEYBOKS.

KEYBOKS keeps the keys where they are needed.

At the property.


KEYBOKS is designed to meet and exceed the most strict insurance certification requirements.


KEYBOKS is online. Update access codes and receive usage data. Remotely, in real time.


KEYBOKS gives access to keys through entering a PIN code. It does not get easier than that.

Plug n' Play.

KEYBOKS runs on batteries. And anybody can install it. No need for installation services.

Get to know more about KEYBOKS.

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Benefits for rental agencies

No key chaos.

Eliminate key exchange tasks for guests, your staff & third party service staff.

More customer service.

More convenience for your guests by offering flexible arrival times, direct to the vacation home.

Optimize your business.

Optimize your business by scheduling cleaning & inspection tasks by using data from KEYBOKS.

More business.

KEYBOKS enables you to offer short time rentals and / or instant bookings. Without additional staff cost.

Benefits for vacation guests

No waiting.

No standing in line for keys at arrival or departure. More vacation.

No detours.

Drive directly to the vacation home. No detours. No wasted time.


KEYBOKS gives guests the flexibility to choose when to arrive and depart.

Easy access.

KEYBOKS can be opened by entering a PIN code. No smartphone necessary.

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